Jordan-na Belle-Isle


How did you first discover The Lakes?: I moved to Toronto around 2006 but it wasn’t until I surfed in Hawaii in 2013 that I really discovered Lake Ontario. I wanted to figure out to surf in Toronto and that led me to the SUP/surf community. It was amazing that I could paddle a SUP board on flat days and surf it on windier days right in my own backyard without having access to the ocean. Since then, I’ve tried out different routes and breaks on Lake Ontario and Erie - I have so much more of the Great Lakes to explore!

What inspires you about the LS community?: As I get older, the importance of community becomes clearer. The Lake Surfistas community is incredibly welcoming, inclusive and diverse; we have women that represent different cultural backgrounds, body types, ages, athletic abilities, and more. We are united by our love of surf and support each other in the pursuit of waves! The generosity and encouragement I’ve seen from our community is so uplifting. We really do become surf sisters in the water.

Favourite places to surf?: Anywhere with fun waves, really. Abay because it’s where I learned to SUP surf and have had great moments there. I also love Main Beach at The Bluffs. It’s such a small, gentle wave on a forgiving beach break with great views of the Bluffs as you ride in. I have lovely memories of looking at the brilliant fall leaves or marveling at the snow covered scenery while riding a wave.

What scares you?: A few things that I try not to think about while surfing. We all have our fears but we can’t let that stop us from doing what we love (see my motto, below).

What do you love? Oh I love so much! I love the people in my life, I love being outdoors and being active, I love my iSUP board. I love the hustle it takes to surf and SUP on a budget and without a car! I love being part of a community and making other feels welcome. I love sharing spontaneous moments. I love moments when I am brave enough to push past my fears and comfort zone.

Favourite food?: Nothing beats a classic chocolate chip cookie; that is my comfort food. And pie, delicious, delicious pie, sweet or savoury.

Motto: Love not fear. I repeat this to myself whenever I feel nervous or unsure of myself while surfing.

Favourite Quote: The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool. - Lester Bangs as played by Philip Seymour Hoffman in Almost Famous.