Kristen Hanna


How did you first discover The Lakes?: My parents used to walk me in my stroller from our apartment near Don Mills and Eglinton, all the way down to the beaches. Many of my childhood memories are from the Toronto waterfront. My parents made it a priority to teach me to appreciate this resource early on as it was our playground. Four years ago while rollerblading on the waterfront path I saw people on SUPs and that was the spark which ignited my journey to surfing here on the Great Lakes.

What inspires you about the LS community?: There is really nothing that compares to the positivity that a group of stoked women. From the very first Ladies of the Lakes event in 2014, it was clear that we had something quite special and must be shared and celebrated amongst all of us who call the lakes our home. Surf or no surf, we know how to have a good time and make the most of the conditions.

Favourite places to surf?: Depends on the direction of the wind. Abay because of my childhood. Kincardine has the most epic sunsets. Pleasant Beach on Lake Erie for its power and of course, Costa Rica for its consistency. Hawaii because it’s where I caught my first wave when I was 17.

What scares you?: I’m most scared of rocks, that’s why I tend to avoid them and stick to beach breaks. It takes a long time for me to scope out a new break and get comfortable.

What do you love?: Making the most of the weather, regardless of the conditions. Whether it’s cross country or downhill skiiing, SUP, skateboarding, etc. I also love cats. If that makes me a crazy cat lady, so what!

Favourite food?: Noodles of any kid and anything frozen.

Favourite quote of motto?: Whatever you decide to be in this life, just own it. Be yourself because everyone else has already been taken.