Lauren Schell


How did you first discover The Lakes?: I grew up in Grimsby, ON where Lake Ontario was in our backyard, so I have a lot of early memories of swimming in the lake or taking my friend's old crappy canoe out on the weekends. We would spend summer days hanging out in Sauble Beach and Long Point park: swimming, body boarding and going for late night floats under the stars- but Lake Ontario was always home. When I finished University, Toronto called to me so I could be close to Lake Ontario again. I learned how to paddle board with SUPGirlz 5 years ago and my connection to it just intensified from there.

What inspires you about the LS community?: The Lake Surfistas community is so spectacular and supportive. It’s so great to meet women from all walks of life who share in the same passion for the water. When you have a pack of women behind you-who understand you, cheering you on there really isn’t much you can’t accomplish. These connections are so vital and seeing the ladies get out there inspires me to keep at it.

Favourite places to surf?: Anywhere where my friends are!

What scares you?: Getting to the end of my life and thinking “oh gosh, I wish I had tried that.” The idea that I didn’t embrace this big, juicy life scares the crap out of me. So any other little fears always lose out to that one.

What do you love? Gosh. So many things. I love nature. I love people and their endless capacity for compassion and generosity.I love movement: surf and dance and yoga. I love poetry and art and capturing people in their happiest moments in photos. Puppies. Mangoes. Living a calm and joyful life. The water and her endless wisdom

Favourite food?: Mangoes. I can’t get enough of them.

Motto: “Be the reason someone smiles today”

Favourite Quote: “Cynics are simply thwarted romantics.” - William Goldman, The Princess Bride