Lake Surfistas Beach Day 2019 FAQ


Link: FB Event Page

What’s it all about?

A beach day to be ourselves and play on boards; to celebrate, connect with and learn from our lake surf sisters who ride the waves. Hang out with us all day!  Family friendly, and we go rain or shine!

Where is it? 

The event takes place at historic Pleasant Beach Lodge on Lake Erie. A link to the location can be found here:,-79.100501,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1s1SpafKcWY6SMs6MVcxfR2rQSU_gU

When is it?

The main day of the event starts at 10AM, Saturday, October 5th. We suggest arriving between 9:00AM – 9:45 to unload boards, find parking, and check in. We’ll be wrapping up the day/water activities at approximately 6:30PM, then evening activities begin at 7PM. 

You are more than welcome to pop by anytime throughout the day to hang out, or stick around later for the band/bonfire.  

Event organizers will be around from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, and we encourage you to stay for one night or all weekend if you can!

Where can I stay?

It is the responsibility of the attendees to book their own accommodations. Campsites, rustic and deluxe cabins are reserved for us at the Pleasant Beach Campground. Cabins sleep around 2-4 people and we highly encourage you to link up with other attendees to share cabins or campsites! All accommodations are all first come first served.

Contact information and online bookings for the Pleasant Beach Campground can be found here:

There are also Airbnb and vacation rental listings in the area Sherkston if that is more your style.

Further along in Crystal Beach, the Crystal Beach Motel also offers nice and comfy rooms:

What are the activities?

You can mostly expect a laid back beach day and camp style setting. Activities include:

  • Swimming

  • Surfing (if conditions permit) or flat water paddling 

  • Hang out with new and old surf friends!

  • Raffles and prizes

  • Skateboarding

  • Board demos

  • Kids beach clean up

  • Community food table

  • Buy/Sell Marketplace - used gear

  • Local vendors

  • Local Fort Erie band Attack Rabbit at 7PM for evening party and fun

  • Bonfire

  • MORE!

Is there a cost? 

The event is free to attend! We do encourage you to bring cash for raffle tickets and karma donations. 

All Lake Surfistas Event funds are used for future years’ events. Additionally, we donate surplus funds to the various surf and sup fundraisers that go on throughout the year within the community at large.

Where do I park? 

Parking is a challenge in this area!
We will have additional event parking available on the Lodge grounds.

If you are staying at the PB Campground, we encourage you to keep your cars at the campground and walk/skate/bike the 1KM to the Lodge. We also encourage carpooling to reduce the number of vehicles coming to the event. We ask that you obey all street signage and fully respect residents’ properties. 

I don’t have a board. Can I rent one?

You don’t HAVE to bring a board to the event, but it certainly does help! We do advise bringing your own wetsuit. 

This year, we have Starboard SUP bringing a fleet of paddleboards to the event to demo. You can also rent surfboards and sups from the following shops:

Surf Ontario:

Surf the Greats:


All rental boards from shops are under their terms and conditions and it is your responsibility to bring the board to the event.

Lake Surfistas organizers also brings extra boards for the event. All boards brought by organizers and event attendees are their own personal boards, so please ask first before taking anything into the water.

What’s the Buy & Sell Marketplace? 

You’re welcome to bring any gear that you’d like to sell/trade/barter. We’ll have an area set aside with stickers and markers so you can print your name, price, etc. Then throughout the day people can look at what’s available and find you if they’d like to buy something. This is used at everyone’s own risk and will not be monitored. 

What food / drinks should I bring? 

If you’ve been to our past events then you’ll know a bunch of women getting together means LOTS of awesome food!

Lake Surfistas will provide some food and water on site, but we ask that you bring things to contribute (see below). Lake Surfistas is a grassroots event so we like to help each other and bring things to share. 

For lunch we’re doing our traditional communal potluck in the Lodge kitchen; bring a dish or some snacks. We expect over 50 people, so don’t worry about sharing with everyone, but enough for up to 5 people would be great. There is not potable water at the lodge, so we are welcoming jugs of water or drinks for sharing. For those who stay into the evening and help with clean-up, we will order pizza if its in demand. Please bring your own plates, cutlery and water bottle – we want to reduce the use of plastic. 

Do I need to be experienced at surfing / SUP? 

All levels are welcome to the event. We just ask that you can be safe in the water with basic swimming skills. If you’re new to the sport, this is a great opportunity to learn from others.

There are no lifeguards at Pleasant Beach, so please exercise caution in the water at all times.


How warm will the water be? What about the conditions? 

Lake temperature can vary depending on the conditions leading up to the event. Usually in October a 3/2 or 4/3 full wetsuit is more than enough. Leading up to the date we’ll provide an update on gear recommendations. We will also be watching the forecast and will post an update on predicted conditions (flat, surf, windy, etc.) Let’s hope for a sunny day with some glassy waves! 

Are kids or men invited?

Absolutely! Bring your little ones. They can participate in the kids’ beach clean-up and enjoy a beach day! We just ask that you supervise them and/or bring support so you can enjoy your day too. A reminder that there are no lifeguards at Pleasant Beach.

Guys can come to support the ladies, but the day is about the women. They’re welcome to surf and enjoy alongside you.

All genders welcome!

Things to Bring – Checklist 

  • Surfboard / SUP / Skateboard

  • Safety equipment - leashes, PFDs, pads

  • Bathing Suit 

  • Wetsuits

  • Towel 

  • Sunscreen 

  • Hat 

  • Sunglasses 

  • Water/Hydration

  • Food for lunch potluck - nothing fancy!  

  • Power bar for charging 

  • Beach blanket 

  • Beach chair

  • Surfy Items for buy & sell or trade

  • Cooler for any personal food items 

  • Your own plate, utensils, and water bottle 

  • BYOB for evening 

  • STOKE!!