Robin Pacquing

Photo by Warren Won

Photo by Warren Won


How did you first discover The Lakes?: I’m grateful that I’ve always lived a km or two from Lake Ontario. When I was a young kid, my Dad bought a small fishing boat and he would take my brothers and I on boating/fishing trips around Humber Bay, all along the Toronto shoreline, and to the Toronto Islands after school and on weekends in warmer months. I appreciated then how big and beautiful our waterways were, even though we were far from the Ocean and my ancestral waters.

What inspires you about the LS community?: The happiness it brings to the lives of so many women. All women from different socioeconomic backgrounds, places of origin, creeds, shapes and sizes. They all just want to be in the water because it makes them feel happy. Being in the water gives everyone their own personal sense of peace and discovery.

Favourite places to surf?: I have so many on all the coasts, but nothing strikes my heart more than my original home break, Marie Curtis Park, after it’s been blowing hard NE overnight then switches to a light N on a sunny morning. That’s when you’ll find me riding clean long fun lefts with the regulars.

What scares you?: The thought that one day I may not be able bodied enough to surf.

What do you love?: I love my Family and all of my friends whom I consider to be Family. I love a good West Coast sunset session. I love being in a space where I’m the only human being I can see. I love my partner Ben and his support for me. I really love sleeping in.

Favourite food?: Sinagag (filipino garlic fried rice) and a crispy fried egg.

Motto: Just ride the wave - 12 year old me.

Favourite Quote: Youth is wasted on the young - Georg Bernard Shaw