Sonia Jaafar


How did you first discover The Lakes?: After purchasing my first SUP in 2009. I had just spent some time surfing in Nicaragua and had SUP’d there on flat days. I figured this would be my answer to water time when I was back home in Canada. I did not know then you could surf the Great Lakes. Grant Kennedy from Surf Ontario took me under his wing so to speak when I first started paddling, and from there I met Mike Sandusky. The two of them took me sup’ing and introduced me to lake surfing. They let me tag along on trips to Huron and Erie; places I have never been before. I have never looked back and will forever be grateful to the two of them.

What inspires you about the LS community?: The camaraderie of the LS community inspires me. A group of women doing something is always way more fun than doing it alone. I gather strength from other strong adventurous women.

What scares you?: I am scared of hold downs and subsequently am scared of big waves.

What do you love?: I love so many things! I love my family. I love to surf. I love the ocean. I love my friends. I love to travel. I love good food.

Favourite food?: Thai food. And chocolate of course.

Motto?: You can do this.

Favourite Quote: I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world This makes it hard to play the day. - E.B. White.