Lake Surfistas is a Canadian grassroots movement that aspires to bring together women of all abilities to celebrate Surf and Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) on the Great Lakes.

We aim to build competence and confidence in the women that use the Great Lakes for board sports, and promote education of safety, enjoyment and sustainability of these resources.

Lake Surfistas - formerly LOTL (Ladies of the Lakes) started off as an idea to bring together the ever-growing number of females discovering the joy, fun, and community of surfing, stand up paddle boarding (sup), and sup surfing the Lower Great Lakes and beyond.

For the last six years, our yearly event has taken place at the Pleasant Beach Lodge, near Port Colborne, Ontario, on the shores of Lake Erie, thanks to the Wyldewood Surf Club.

The original founders, Lisa Parkes – an artist and surfer from Cobourg; and Robin Pacquing – an instructor and established GL surfer; are passionate water keepers.  Their understanding that a female community of surfers, paddlers, and water women can only lead to more awareness, education, and promotion of the waters in which we live around, as well as the sport of surfing on the Great Lakes.